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Owing to North Yorkshire Council no longer sending out neighbour notifications, the Parish Council will in future publish any planning consultations received for discussion at their next meeting.

The following planning applications will be discussed at the March Parish Council Meeting (Thursday 21st March 2024):-


1. ZG2024/0023/FULM - Residential development of 142 dwellings, open space, landscaping, and associated infrastructure and Community Centre with associated car parking and recreational space on Land North Of, Hull Road, Hemingbrough

2. ZG2024/0163/HPA - Erection of a two storey side extension at 97 St Marys Avenue, Hemingbrough


3. ZG2023/1181/HPA - Single storey extension, to create a bedroom and wet room at Inglenook, Landing Lane, Hemingbrough

4. ZG2024/0160/OUT - Outline application with all matters reserved for the erection of 5 bungalows at  The Paddock, Hull Road, Hemingbrough

Planning Decisions 2024


ZG2023/0901/HPA - Erection of a rear two storey extension and ground floor extension following demolition of out buildings and erection of a garden office at Tune Cottage, Main Street, Hemingbrough

ZG2023/1042/TPO - Remove deadwood, diseased and dysfunctional material over 50mm and crown lift/reduce by 1.8 metres to clear existing BT lines, neighbouring property and client property to 1 No. Beech tree protected by TPO 18/1987 at Beech Tree House, School Road, Hemingbrough

ZG2023/1197/HPA - Loft conversion with dormer window at Pebbledene, Main Street, Hemingbrough